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If you are reading Because and working on articulating your purpose, a helpful resource is this “What I love” exercise that helps you reflect on your passions.

Passions are observed in activities that we have boundless energy for. We love and never tire of our “passion projects”– we make time for them. If our values are our underlying beliefs, our passions are where we focus when given full freedom of choice. When we spend time on activities that we love, we express our passions and
feel happier and more fulfilled.

When doing something we are really passionate about, we don’t notice the passage of time. Instead of sapping our strength, these activities usually bring us energy. Reflecting on what passions you hold and why you enjoy them can help you discover your purpose. Download this passions worksheet to help you reflect on and clarify your passions.

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Download the Because learning journal

Download the Because learning journal

If you are reading Because and would like some extra support to help you go deeper in your reflection, this learning journal is for you. A self-guided coaching document, this learning journal complements Because and helps you get the most from the book.

Want to create a Because book club?

Want to create a Because book club?

This discussion guide is designed to be a resource for you if you are a team, book club or learning circle who are reading Because together. While it’s up to you how you use these questions, it can be helpful to schedule sessions weekly over 2-3 months and meet after each chapter to share reflections and talk through your individual insights. You can use these questions to support a rich conversation. Many thanks to colleagues McKenzie Lane and Stacey Darlington for helping to develop this guide!

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