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Shannon authors books related to leadership and purpose. Take a look at what other readers have had to say about her writing.

Reviews for Shannon’s book: Because

Review by Matthew Kotler

partner group product manager at Microsoft

“Shannon Banks has defined the field of social leadership. From exemplifying great leadership at Microsoft to developing exceptional leaders across the globe, Shannon embodies what it means to be a social leader. Because translates her wisdom and experience into concrete, approachable steps, enabling and encouraging each of us to become more purpose-driven leaders. Every chapter delivers powerful insights and tools to lead more inclusive, innovative, and impactful teams.”

Review by Claire Fox

founder and managing director of Claire Fox Coaching, former chief operating officer at UNICEF UK, and author of Work-Life Symbiosis: The Model for Happiness and Balance

Because is a powerful and galvanizing book that will take every leader on their own inspiring and important journey. Shannon brings to life the opportunity for and responsibility of leaders to create positive change not just with their teams and organizations but with communities and, indeed, the world at large. With practical tools and tangible examples, this book enables leaders to know themselves better and to step into being a social leader, crafting and living out their own personal purpose and leadership brand. This book is a must for leaders, and the impact of social leadership is a must for society—because if every leader was a social leader, the world would be a better place.”


Review by Michael Marquardt

professor emeritus at George Washington University and cofounder of World Institute for Action Learning

Because is the best book on leadership that I have read in the past twenty years! This book will change the way you lead and enable you to become a great leader. Banks provides both powerful theory and clear, practical exercises to help the reader become a successful leader who knows ‘why’ as well as ‘how’ to lead.”


Review by Angela McKenna

EVP and head of EMEA employee success at Salesforce

“Shannon has of combining inspiration and practicality with this book. Integrating the discussion of who we are as leaders with practical tools we can all use in our everyday work lives is just brilliant. A must read for any leader looking for their own ‘why’ and ‘how’ in order to create sustained impact.”

Review by Tony Crabbe

business psychologist and author of Busy: How to Thrive in a World of Too Much

“I love this book. It comes from a leader who lives what she writes. Because is as profound as it is practical. It triggers a lot of introspection but then walks you through reflections and offers tips that give the deep thinking a concrete direction. It is also incredibly timely, providing a much-needed reshaping of leadership for a transforming world.”

Review by Markie B.

Reviewed on NetGalley

“In the ever-evolving landscape of leadership and organizational dynamics, “Because: Twelve Essential Skills for Connecting How You Lead with Why” by Shannon Banks serves as a compelling guide that encapsulates the transformative power of purpose-driven leadership. As someone deeply engaged in activities such as book reviews, social media posts, and business blogging, you’ll find this book to be a wellspring of insights to enrich your content creation endeavors.

In a world where the tides of change are reshaping the very foundations of business, Banks eloquently emphasizes the profound impact that each individual wields, not just through their tasks, but also through their behavior and intentions. Through this perspective, the author sets the stage for a compelling exploration of how aligning personal purpose with leadership roles can magnify the influence we exert.

The narrative thoughtfully navigates the contemporary challenges that leaders encounter, including the rapid integration of technology, the hybrid work environment, and the escalating demand for ethical and responsible business practices. As you engage in your endeavors related to social media and blogging, you’ll find that the book resonates with the current zeitgeist, offering you a wealth of perspectives and insights to infuse into your content.

Shannon Banks, as the managing director of Be Leadership, possesses a wealth of experience that shines through the pages of the book. Her expertise as an award-winning facilitator, consultant, and coach lends credibility to the social leadership model she presents. Given your inclination for detailed analysis and formal discussion, you’ll appreciate the comprehensive coverage of twelve key skills that form the bedrock of this model. These skills, ranging from self-awareness to embracing a broader societal perspective, offer a comprehensive framework that you can explore and dissect in your blog or social media posts.

The interactive nature of the book, replete with calls to action and assignments, provides an engaging experience that transcends the traditional reading process. This aspect aligns seamlessly with your proclivity for interactive content, allowing you to integrate these assignments into your reviews, posts, or blogs to encourage your audience to actively reflect on their own leadership journeys.

Furthermore, the notion of developing a leadership brand is a valuable concept to explore in your content creation. The book’s emphasis on defining one’s leadership identity, encapsulated within your broader professional and personal life, resonates well with your penchant for introspective and analytical exploration. Your in-depth coverage of this facet can shed light on the nuances of aligning one’s leadership brand with purpose, not only benefiting your audience but also strengthening your own brand as a perceptive content creator.

In summary, “Because: Twelve Essential Skills for Connecting How You Lead with Why” offers you a treasure trove of material to delve into for your book reviews, social media posts, and business blogs. With its robust framework for purpose-driven leadership, comprehensive skill set, and interactive approach, the book aligns seamlessly with your formal, detailed, and long-form content creation style. As you embark on exploring the book’s concepts and insights, you’ll find a wealth of content to share, dissect, and analyze, enriching both your own understanding and that of your audience.”

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